KATAPULT - Direct mailer and responsive website design concept

Completed as part of the interview process for Katapult - a Derby based creative agency. I was asked to complete a mini brief which included design concepts for the K-Motion website as well as a speculative direct mail piece to support and drive traffic website traffic.

Promotional direct mailer concept

Designed for maximum visual impact, the concept utilises a branded traditional film reel tin to create an eye catching direct mail piece, that potential clients will be compelled to open - regardless of their busy schedules. The design features a vibrant illustrative style linking the content to the subject matter - whilst bridging the gap between the Katapult and K-Motion branding. The design serves to invite the potential client to view K-Motion's latest showreel - which can be viewed remotely via the QR code on the "Admit one" movie ticket or locally (should there be no internet) via disc contained within the branded sleeve.Although I was unsucessful on this occasion, the work fully demonstrates every aspect of my creative repertoire across both the digital and print platforms.

Showreel Mailer tin Mailer tin

k-motion website design concept

Designed with a mobile first approach, the proposed concept is tailored to be completely responsive on any device, big or small. Utilising the latest web technologies on large screen devices, jQuery is used to add interactivity - creating a design that slides and pops when the user interactives with the experience layer. Due to the design's simplicity, this style can be easily transposed to an e-shot campaign.

Widescreen layout iPhone layouts Homepage and eshot

Thankyou for your consideration

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